Tuesday, June 14, 2005

About Togane's Official Website

Poet Togane

Togane.org is the home of Prof. Mohamud Siad Togane’s work including poetry, articles, and speeches in text, audio and video.

“A native of Somalia and a 1969 graduate of Eastern Mennonite College, poet Togane is a rare breed of believer, an amalgam of many roots and influences. His urgent and sometimes profane essays - many of them cast as long polemical poems - address political and social issues that remain volatile for Somalis and other Africans. Clannism, political corruption and religion are frequent topics when Togane addresses his countrymen.”

Mohamud Siad Togane has been living in Canada since 1973. He has became a Canadian citizen in 1978 and now resides in Quebec.

Togane’s works include: The bottle and the Bushman: Poems of the Prodical (1986), Eternal Conversations (2003), Fifty years, fifty stories (2003), Bridges: Literature Across Cultures ( 1994) Quebec Suite: Poems for and about Quebec (1995) Togane has also written articles for several newspapers and magazine including The Globe and Mail, Zymergy: A Literary Montreal Magazine, African Art (University of California) and AfricanCanadian.

He has also taught and lectured at universities of Waterloo, Hamburg, Concordia , Rutgers, McGill, and Toronto.

Togane’s new book—News from Home will be published this Spring.

Read more at Prof. Togane's official webiste.


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At 7:01 AM, Blogger Eyes on Somalia said...

Hoodi Hoodi Tuug Togane
Togane Talo Laawe

Tuug Ibnu Abuu Lahab
Togane Abuu Jahal bin Kadaa ib

Indho xume bin Kufaar
Intee Jirtey Inbnu Naar

Kaadi iyo xaar badane
Wasaq iyo kuffar dhadhame

Kuukuun cadabareey
Jeele, Jeele Juwaan bareey

Tuug togane garcade
Garxume Ibnu afxume

Intee jirtay jinni abuu shaydaan
Mise waxaad aaday naar badan



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